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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

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Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Shakti Yoga Peeth is a Yoga Alliance, USA certified school that runs under the aegis of Akshi Foundation in the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, India. It is one of the international acclaimed School of learning enriching the students into the highest yogic standard. The School provides comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training course including amazing yoga retreats programs to enrich students with the complete knowledge of yoga, health and wellness. Each session is taken by best, highly experienced and learned yoga teacher who takes great pain to instil each aspect of the yoga knowledge among its students.

Why Choose Us?

  • Shakti Yoga Peeth is one of the internationally renowned Yoga Alliance, USA certified yoga school in Rishikesh.
  • Our Teachers have been educated and trained from our own School ensuring they are highly experienced and would give greater pains in providing highly standardized education.
  • We take only fifteen students per batch giving precedence to quality over quantity ensuring each student is getting personal attention.
  • Yogic accommodation is provided to the students making their stay spiritual elevated, besides light Vegetarian food is provided to the students taking care of the nutritious value.
  • Each Wednesday is a fun day where students are taken on excursions, and adventurous trips.
  • Students are accustomed with the Indian culture and tradition from where the roots of yoga are sprouted.


Enjoy Yoga Vacation, Individual & Group Yoga Retreats in India at Shakti Yoga Peeth.

Yoga Retreats

7 Days Yoga and Mediation Retreat In Rishikesh

yoga retreat rishikeshRecharge your life for healthy and pure life through seven days yoga retreat program in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. A place where you would be enchanted by nature at its sublime, sound of river Ganga, the ringing of temple bells and cool breeze and where yoga is in its very aura.  You will be performing different types of asanas, pranayama, meditation and self-realization therapies.

5 Days Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat In Kerala

Avail exclusive therapy packages and benefits of Ayurveda treatment and yoga that are just tailored to meet your needs.  Along with it, the exotic golden sand beaches and visit to temples would make your trip for Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Kerala an unforgettable experience of your life. Take out five days of your time in the God’s own seashore and see the difference you have made in your life.

7 Days Yoga and Adventure Retreat In Leh- Ladakh

Pack your bags to take on the journey of health plus adventure on the highest roads in the world. It would be the rarest feat for you as you would be doing yoga, meditation, ride on the mountain bike at the higher altitudes and take on horse/yak ride. It is a specially designed program for the yogis who wanted to go beyond the conventional yoga tracks on the pilgrim route and to explore, gain, and adventure.

What others say about us

One of the Best Schools of Yoga

5 5 1
All the days of my stay in the Shakti Yoga Peeth had been days full of excitement, fun, entertaining and emotional. All the teachers, students and crew members stayed like a family, helping and making each other comfortable. The level of education that I got is giving me a good head start as a yoga teacher. Now I am myself teaching yoga in my city among many family and friends and comprehending myself as the best yoga teacher. Thanks to Shakti Yoga Peeth.

Understood our inner self

5 5 1
During the course, we learned many different types of yoga asanas, philosophy, and science behind it but more than these learning we understood our inner self, and learned to appreciate it, and it is not a one or two days occupation but a life long journey and a way of life. Besides, the whole curriculum was structured in the way that we get time to go beyond the schedule classes to understand our own inhibitions and overcome the same with honesty and pride. I humbly would like to thank all my teachers for showing me the path of true knowledge of yoga, and enlighten me to move on it.

Highly invigorating classes

5 5 1
It is a general perception that yoga classes would be boring, but when I joined Shakti Yoga Peeth, my whole perception about yoga was changed. I felt yoga to be highly interesting and invigorating, and this was due to our teachers. Whether it was the philosophical class or theoretical, each class was made interesting by adding anecdotes and humor in it. This would make all of us enjoy theories. What I liked the most in the class was the genuine efforts of the teachers who would go an extra mile to help us. Without a doubt, my experience with the school was great, as there was training, relaxing and fun. I made many friends and learned a lot from the School.

Highly standardized teaching

5 5 1
Before I was feeling the yoga classes would be very tiring and exhaustive, yet sometimes rigorous yoga schedule would make us tired, with cramps on the thighs and pains on legs. But everything went very well, as when we would follow the planned curriculum, we would feel flowing like a river in different poses. Besides we learned philosophies, history of yoga, human anatomy and all basics from highly experienced yoga teachers, who would go out of the way to make us understand and feel yoga. Overall these teaching made us wear the robe of a yogi with conviction and full confidence.

Great learning Experience

5 5 1
I just completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher program at Shakti Yoga Peeth, and believe me my life has changed- my personality, my outlook towards life and my soul, heart and mind. And not only me all my batch mates who have passed out narrates the same, such is the magic created by the teachers and the staff of the School. The best part was teachers would go out of mile to solve our problems and make classes highly interesting through their teaching styles. They made us understand that teaching and learning yoga both is a gift of god and it is our privilege that we got it and now it is our duty to spread this knowledge to the world.

Thank You Shkati Yoga Peeth

5 5 1
When I decided to learn yoga, I was completely confused at the number of options available for me in India. But after a thorough search and with the suggestion of one of my friends, I opted for Shakti Yoga Peeth, and that decision was right. I loved the school and the way it would teach asanas. I found everything beautiful and great about the School. I got very beautiful room with amazing view outside. I loved the taste of different Indian meals that was served to us. Each minute we spend at Rishikesh, there was something new for us to learn.
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