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10 Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a transformational scientific activity of doing less yet getting more. When you are in it, you are doing very less yet achieving more, releasing your complex thoughts to arrive at the state of mental calmness and rest. Through the practice, you learn to relax deeply in the awaken state. This form of pose is least done by the yogis but it is one of the highly appreciated and beneficial forms of yoga which is being practiced by yogis since ages. It constitutes series of breath, body and awareness techniques which help you to get transported into the state of non-doing leading to the highly regenerative state where the energy is released to heal and restore the body.

Let’s check on these ten Benefits of Yoga Nidra:   

1) Yoga Nidra makes the mind and body cool and calm providing deep relaxation.

2) The practice helps let go off all the worries and gives us a new approach and way to look at life, thus helping us to face and deal with depression and anxiety.

3) The quality of the sleep in considerably improved. In fact, even people suffering from sleep sickness can get good sleep.

4) Increases concentration and memory power.

5) Decrease in hypertension, migraine, ulcer, digestive disorder, hypertension and asthma.

6) Help relieve pressure on the coronary system.

7) Get us instant relief from stress.

8) Awaken our subconscious mind and make us more creative and innovative.

9) We can be more energized and motivated.

10) Give us the power to control our mind.

In today’s world, the problem is not much about poverty, drugs, fear of war, but it is mental tension, which causes many psychological and psychosomatic disorders. And Yoga Nidra is the answer to it… When we practice Yoga Nidra the body is relaxed and the muscular tension is released. Also when the Yoga Nidra is practiced, we are slowly moved into the deeper mental state where we encounter the emotional tensions and as soon we are able to find out these tensions in awareness, the repressed emotions are released, we then are able to achieve mental calmness and peace. With the conscious breath awareness, the mind reaches the state of relaxation, which helps in the release of the mental tension.  Swami Satyananda says, “A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as four hours of conventional sleep”.

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Yoga Nidra is now being prescribed by the doctors in many countries as a curative therapy for stress-related diseases. When you are stressed the nervous system gets activated due to which organism gets into the fighting mood. When you are in Yoga Nidra, parasympathetic system is activated and a balance is achieved between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems providing all emotional, mental and physical relaxation.

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