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Should You Always Feel Good After Doing Yoga

Naturally so after all we do yoga to feel happy, relaxed, blessed and healthier but after working on few yoga sessions, many starts feeling sort of crap, uneasiness or sadness, Isn’t it strange! We might also start feeling low about it maybe yoga is just not for you or maybe you have not done it right. But it is not so. The fact is yoga is working at the roots of your problems and helping you get the better understanding about yourself and your body.

Yogis explain, by doing yoga, our suppressed memories and thoughts of the subconscious mind gets released. The mind is cleared of all the stored mess and when this is happening we get mixed emotions, but this is alright as it is a process of healing, we are shedding all the inhabitations, blocks, pains and sorrow behind and feel relieve of all the stress, tensions, and anxiety.

yogini friend shaktiyogapeeth

By doing yoga, all the parts of the body and muscles which have been left untouched are stretched and released and in a process, many hidden memories and emotions get spontaneous flows. Even if we are in our favorite pose, we can get highly emotional and tears in our eyes, we can get irritated at slight context or angry without any cause, and that’s ok. These emotions are external which insinuates us for these sudden outbursts but yoga is working from inside and this complete process is very natural and good. And once you are able to understand this difference, you are able to carry yourself.

Some yogis even explain that there is an emotional connection between the body and mind and there is a link between our posture and breath. Generally, when we are sad, we drop in our shoulders, and while posture displays sadness, there is no expression of feeling and no wonder that when we shift our body towards other direction, by straightening our spine or getting the shoulders back, there is sudden outburst of feeling.

It is highly suggested that whenever you come out of the yoga session, just sit idle for few minutes and observe your emotions.

When you have realized these emotions are feelings, you will sure feel good about it. You can generate a space for yourself in your body, accept whatsoever is going and then sail through it. This shows you are really doing yoga, and your practice is far more advanced than the yogi who can have his feet touched his head from behind.

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