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Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Men

While more and more women are beginning to practice yoga, men are still shy of this ancient science because they see yoga as “glorified stretching” with no strength required. The fact is, yoga is the best way to increase flexibility, decreases the probability of injury, increases overall stability and enhances athletic abilities. In India, earlier yogis were men and the majority the senior yoga gurus are also men, who are helping and enlightening the human race towards yoga, so even a thought that yoga is not a male thing is a myth. Here I am projecting some of the magical benefits men can get from yoga.

1. Boost Muscle Strength
Yoga has proved itself best way to boost muscle strength. It builds lean muscles through utilizing your body weight and increases resistance power. Besides, it helps normalize the blood flow and builds muscles faster.

2. Reduces pain and injuries
Yoga increases the flexibility, increases body awareness so that you can find out those minor subtle issues or pain and rectify it. The major benefit is that it opens up your body and stretches of the muscles which helps your body to be prone to do all the yoga poses and leave you uninjured.

3. Increases productivity
Studies have shown that with only 20 minutes of yoga everyday men can be more concentrated and focused. They are able to overcome all hindrances, and even reach beyond their potentialities, improve memory retention and build energy. They are also able to challenge their body limits and that without getting over aggressive.

4. Reduces level of Stress and reduces depression
Yoga makes the mind calm and stress-free by helping the person understand the breathing process, and motivates them to remain calm even in most stressful situations. Yoga also helps the nervous system to improve its flexibility.

5. Give Better Sleep
When you are in stress or tired it is not possible for you to get better sleep but yoga helps men in calming down, remove tiredness and improve mental issues. Ultimately you will feel light and sleep.

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As per the studies, men who do yoga and breathing exercises can reduce four pounds of weight in a week. It also helps in shedding those extra pounds without having to lift a dumbbell. Deep abdominal breathing can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the level of cortisol.

7. Improves Immunity
Yoga makes the immune system stronger at the cellular level by changing the gene expression and improving internal defense system. It also helps in flushing the body of toxins especially hot yoga which induces the mock fever in the body and makes the immune system stronger.

8. Boost Sexual function
Studies reveal that yoga improves sexuality in men, including performance, desire, and ejaculation control. It also builds body awareness, reduces anxiety and increases blood flow into the genital areas. It also helps to remove the toxins which have negative impact on the sexual performance.

9. Improves Overall Health and reduces Health Cost
Regular yoga practice get you rid of many health issues and you can prevent going to a Doctor. Both the meditation and yoga practices improve health and help people to fight many diseases and reducing the need to visit the medical practitioner. Yoga also helps normalize blood pressure, heart rate and level of oxygen.

10. Helps you overcome physical limitations
Yoga helps you to overcome many physical hindrances, motivates you to take up challenges. It gives you endurance and energy to complete many overbearing tasks and physical labor like trekking, climbing mountain, racing or learning of a new art. You regain your physical health and vigor and become mentally and emotionally strong.

Yoga is not only a women’s endeavor but men’s prodigy also. Do it and see how it has changed your life for the better.

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