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Best 4 Natural Remedies to Get Relief from Muscular Pain

Muscular pain is quite common after the yoga session which can limit the muscle moment. The issue is further aggravated due to tension, stress or overuse of muscles. However, the pain can be controlled by adopting some healthy food habits and making changes in lifestyles.

Following simple natural remedies can help get quick relief:

Yoga Remedies for Muscles Relief

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many yogis and people soar for Apple Cider Vinegar as the most effective way to treat muscle pain, besides other conditions. Its flavor might not taste good for some, but it can sure produce effective results. Add one tablespoon of Vinegar to a glass of water and mix it well. Drink it daily. You can also rub cider directly over the sore area to get effective result.

Chamomile Oil

The combination of chamomile oil and tea help relieves muscle tension quickly. It has all the anti-inflammatory properties to get relief from pain. Apply the oil directly on the affected area and gently massage it for twenty minutes.

You can also add ½ cup of chamomile flowers in one glass of water, boil it and let it cool. Strain the solution and drink it. Drink it two times a day every day till you feel relieved from pain and soreness.

Epsom Salt

The salt which is made of magnesium sulfate is a natural relaxant that can help soothe sore muscles. The sulfate and magnesium can pull the fluid out of the tissue before reducing swelling, Pour a cup or two of the Epsom salt into a warm bath and soak the affected area in it for 20 minutes till the water has reached room temperature. Repeat the sequence three times a week till you are relieved of pain and soreness.

Ice Compress

The ice pack is a highly preferred way for getting muscle relief. Even doctors and massage therapies prescribe this method. The ice packs control inflammation that can be caused by muscles aches and soreness. Wrap few ice cubes or an ice pack in a towel and apply it in the affected areas for 20 minutes. Repeat this process for few times in a day till the soreness and pain are gone.

These above are highly suggested 4 ways to get quick relief from the pain and soreness but there are many other ways too like applying heat or cold pressure, doing some light stretches, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep.

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