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Some of the best Morning Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga can be done anytime and any moment, yet it has been proved that early morning yoga gives double the benefit. Get the habit of rolling out on our mat and move with your breath. It would increase your productivity, built health and give positivity in life. The trick is to place the alarm clock at a distance and keep your mat and yoga dress ready near your bed. With the buzzing of the alarm clock, you would jump off the bed and take few steps to stop the alarm, wear your yoga dress and get on the mat. This would prevent you to sleep again.

Start with the following poses:

Child Pose

 Child pose gives an excellent morning stretch without you to demand too much movement. The pose opens the joints and muscles and prepares you for more challenging poses. Remain in the pose for three to five minutes to get the best result. As the stomach is placed in the thighs, the pressure is applied which again would help you improve digestion. It also helps in getting the stretch of the back and hips. As it is a resting pose so it is very easy to begin your workout and start your day.

Mountain Pose

 Mountain Pose is a posture for the day which would help you to remain fresh and alert whole day. If you are fighting and retaining your upright posture, working in this position can greatly help you. The mountain pose creates balance, make the abdominal muscles strong, and improve digestion.  Try to remain in this pose for a minute, retaining your breathing all through. As it is a yoga pose for beginners, this asana can be modified and adjusted to suit different levels of yogis.

Standing forward bend pose

It is a good stretch to begin your morning; with the main purpose is to protect your back. It is a very helpful exercise that helps in aiding digestion; relieve stress and calm your brain. This pose also helps to reduce stress, anxiety, mild depression, insomnia, and fatigue. It provides stretch and lengthens the hamstrings and calves. It also opens the hips and helps give relief from tension in the neck and shoulders.

Warrior 1

 From the standing pose pull your left foot back and lunge your right knee forward to get into the Warrior pose. It is a forceful standing pose demanding complete focus and your determined efforts. It demands several actions at once that make you seem like pulled in opposite directions. This pose makes the arms, shoulders, thighs and back muscles strong. It is best to remain in this pose for five to eight breaths.

Downward Dog Pose

 It is a most commonly done pose and basic for all the other yoga poses. It is also a part of Sun Salutation. When you bend on four legs on Downward Dog you would get ample of health benefits like the building of the bone density, revitalizing athletes, remove stiffness and improve circulation. Downward dog pose is best for those who have to sit on the desk or do the office job, and often suffers from fatigue, soreness, lack of flexibility.

Cat/Cow Pose

 Come in the tabletop position with the wrists placed directly below the shoulders and the knees below the hips. Press the palms on the mat to make sure your shoulder blades are broad. You are in a cat pose.  In this pose you are synchronizing the breath with the moments, build coordination, foster focus and invigorate prana. It reduces stress, calms the mind, tones the gastrointestinal tract and female reproductive system, controls menstrual cramps, lower back pain, and sciatica. It also builds flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and pain and stretches the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest, and lungs.

Sun Salutation

 Sun Salutation is done early morning while facing the rising rays of the Sun. It constitutes 12 poses which are done in sequence. Traditionally it is done to show gratitude to the source of life that’s the sun but it has ample of benefits. It is a good amalgamation of warm-ups and asanas, keeps the body free from diseases and healthy, promotes the balance of the body, improves blood circulation, makes the heart strong, tones the digestive tract, and complete body parts.  And over and above develop the deeper interconnectedness between the body, breath, and mind making you calmer and at peace.

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