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Chair Yoga Poses for seniors + Benefits

Chair Yoga for seniors

Yoga is naturally for each one of us, child and babies, young and obviously for old. Why I have stressed for old as yoga is more beneficial for them. Their physical limitations might not allow them to do twists and turn that young do but of course, they can do much calmer, mindful and breathing exercises. Is it not amazing that they can just sit on their chair and do the yoga and feel healthy, and emotionally and mentally energetic?

Following are the major benefits of doing chair yoga:

Yoga increases strength

 This means our elders can continue to involve in their daily routine activities and hobbies without any problem or suffering. The yogic exercises can also help them face and endure injuries.

Reduces stress and improve concentration

With few minutes of chair yoga every day, they can feel mental relief from tensions or stress, improve the memory and can adjust to the feeling of isolation. And this would keep them always happy and relaxed.

Builds flexibility

Chair yoga improves flexibility and mobility helping them to do their own activities like bending down to tie their shoelaces or picking the stuff.

Getting coordinated

With just a few minutes of exercises every day, our elder people gain the capacity to coordinate their movements effectively and prevent themselves from falling. People who are suffering from disabilities or conditions known as MS, they can able to better control their body moments.

Get Relief from pain

Chair Yoga is also best to provide quick relief from pain. With the meditation and concentration on the breath movement, they can gain the power and capacity to endure the pains.

It is best that the chair pose should be done under the supervision of expert yoga teachers and with prior consultation with your doctor.

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However, we are providing here few of the poses which can be done with ease at home and gain the beneficial effects from the same:

Namaskar pose: Sit straight and bring both your hands together in front of your chest and breathe. You can modify it for Sun Salutation also. Raise your arms up, inhale and bring the same slowly towards your heart and join the palms together.

Raised Hand Pose:  Keep your back Straight and your hands up. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.

Forward bend Pose: Bend your body forward and bring your head to your knees. Bring both your hands down and touch the toes.

Extended Side Angle Pose:  Twist your body sideways, raise your one arm towards the ceiling while the other arm down touching your feet.  Remain in this pose for 30 seconds and repeat another side.

Seated Spinal Twist:  Sit straight with both your hands raised and legs up. Perform this pose for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times.

There is no limitation to what you can do with yoga.  You can also modify the poses accordingly, or you can make use of the props like straps and blocks. People who are suffering from balance issues should begin slowly and once confident can pick the pace.

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