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5 Easy Yoga Poses to Get Relief from Arthritis

Bestowed down to us by our ancestors, yoga has now been worldly recognized as the most effective scientific healing process helping the humans get relief from sufferings due to illness or ailments, and among all is arthritis.

Here we will talk about how Yoga helps people overcome the symptoms due to arthritis.

Arthritis causes pain in joints, inflammation stiffness and in which patients loses the capacity to perform daily activities. Besides regular medical aid, yoga helps them in dealing with the symptoms. But patients should consult the doctor and yoga expert before getting on the mat.

Here are some of the yogic exercises to deal with arthritis problems

Which Yoga Style to choose ?

Before getting on to the mat, it is highly advised to consult the doctor and yoga expert.  Experts suggest Vinyasa or Ashtanga might be beneficial but calming poses with the help of props are the best. Especially Yin Yoga stretches the connective tissues and joints which gives immediate relief.  You can also do poses of Iyengar yoga with the help of props in which you can alter a bit to suit your body needs or you can also do calming Hatha and restorative yoga poses also.

The main motive is to bring fluidity, stretch, and flexibility into the joints, and make the muscles strong to improve overall stability.  It is very important to make each movement slow to prevent further stiffness.

Here are some of the poses that you can do to reduce stiffness:

Cat stretch pose (Marjariasana)

Cat stretch (Marjariasana): It makes the body strong and increases flexibility over the body including wrists, spine, and shoulders. It also improves blood circulation. Bend on both legs and arms, with the backbend and twisted, while compressing your buttocks.  Look straight, inhale and raise your chin while tilting your head back. Take long deep breaths.



Bridge pose (Setu Bandasana)

Bridge pose (Setu Bandasana):  Bridge pose makes the spine and hips flexible and removes stiffness.  Lie on your back; push your buttocks and spine up with the legs bend and arms near you. Exhale. You can also bring your hands under your body and interlace your fingers.



Cow Face Pose (Goumukh asana)

Cow Face Pose (Goumukh asana): This pose gives stretch to the arms, shoulders, spine and hip joints. If the legs are used it can also help improve the blood circulation to the ankles and knees and lubricate joins giving you relief from pain and swelling. If you are feeling pain in your knees, sit cross-legged and or you can also sit on a block.  You can also use the belt to touch the arms behind your back.



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Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana): It is very effective pose to get relief from back pain and sciatica. It also produces stretch and makes the spine, arms, and chest strong and improves physical equilibrium.  It is best not to do this pose if you are suffering from back pain.



Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Corpse Pose (Shavasana):  It provides complete relief to the body, repair tissue and cells and makes you stress relief. It is the best way to get rid of vata which is responsible for joint pain and induces imbalance in the body.



To face the arthritis problem, it is best to keep on moving, build muscle strength, improve joint flexibility and retain balance. Tension and stress are also reduced considerably.

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