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Yoga Poses for Abs

There are ample of exercises and formulas to gain the require d flat belly, and since exercise loving people enjoy doing their conventional abs exercises, the most appropriate way to get the sexy midsection is to add yogic exercises and some soft workouts that you love doing. Among all yoga will prove a best deal to structure your abs. Yoga not only increases flexibility and relieves stress but also target the abdominal muscles in an effective way.

Here are top five Simple Yoga Poses for Abs:


Viparita Shalabhasana: It is also known as the Superman pose which makes the muscles of the shoulder, arms, legs, abdomen and lower back strong. This is the best posture that tones the abdomen and lower back and is also one of the most impactful workouts for abs and stomach. This pose can be done by lying down on the stomach with toes touching the floor and chin on the ground. Bring both your legs together with feet touching each other. Lengthen your arms in front, take deep breaths and lift the body up from the floor, lifting chest, arms, legs, and thighs becoming like a superman.

Bhujangasana: It gives strength to the back and shoulders and also helps to tone the abdomen and improve the blood circulation. Once in this pose, you would appear like a serpent with the raised hood. It also constitutes a part of Padma Sadhana and Surya Namaskar.  Align your body like a cobra so that your chest and shoulders are also stretched. The pose would energize you, give stretch to the intercostals muscles and build the breathing capacity. It also squeezes the adrenal glands making you alert and energetic.

Paschimottanasan:  It is a seated forward bend that gives stretch to the lower back, hamstring, and hips. It also tones and gives complete exercise to the abdominal and pelvic organs. This pose is also known as “Stretch of the West” as it poetically evokes the ancient ritual of yogis who generally face the sunrise when they practice. This pose is done by sitting straight with the legs stretched in front of you. Keep the spine straight and toes flexed towards you. Inhale and raise both the arms above the head and stretch, exhale and bend forward from the hip joints, and bring the chin towards the toes.  Bring your hands towards the legs, try to touch the toes and pull your body to feel the stretch.

Hastapadasana: This posture tones abdominal and improve the blood supply to the nervous system. It is done by standing upright with feet joined together and bringing the arms towards the side. Breathe in, stretch your arms up, breathe out and bring them down towards the feet by bending forward.  During the pose remember to keep the legs and spine straight.



Veerbhadrasana: It stretches and makes the shoulders, chest, belly, and groins strong and helps to tone the body and is the best stress reliever. It is a staple pose for almost all the yogis. It is also known as the Warrior pose in which a yogi needs to stand on one leg and bend forward towards the waist. This makes the body becomes parallel to the ground.  Especially Veerbhadrasana 111 is best among all. It is simple to do pose and increase the muscle strength and flexibility.


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These are the top 5 poses for the abs but there are many more poses also which are also equally good and these are Tolasana, Paripurna Navasana Bakasana: Astavakrasana and Uttana Shishuasana beside others. All these poses work on the abs and make them strong.

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