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Getting Back to Yoga After Giving Birth

After giving birth, there is no other feeling as great as motherhood, and this is also a time to get on the mat for the love of your body and bring the lost energy and glory back. Many women start their practice right away and find it’s different. After delivery it is very important your body requires modified practice. It would take some time for you to get back to your original practice or even during your pregnancy time. Now the practice should be light, considerate and supportive.

Do the following light poses and observe your body

yoga-poses after pregnancy

Keep the Legs straight on the Wall:

By keeping the legs straight on the wall improves the blood circulation and give a calming and healing response. Remain in this position for eight minutes and get the restorative benefit. Try to bring your butt as close to the wall and walk the legs up in a perpendicular position. You can also keep a pillow under your back.

Pelvic Tilts

Lie down at your back with your knees bent and press your lower back calmly against the floor. Tilt your pelvis towards your face and slowly release it. It is a very easy pose but it warms your body, and has beneficial effect on your spine.

Sucirandhrasana- Eye of the Needle Pose

Lie straight at your back and cross your right ankle over the opposite knee. Bring your left knee towards your chest by holding it with both the arms. If you are finding it difficult you can keep your left foot on the floor itself. Perform this very slowly and make sure that you are doing on both the sides.

Easy Pose – Sukhasana

Sit in a cross legged position and place one or two folded blankets under your seat so that you keep your knees below your hips. Do a few neck rolls.

Bring your chin towards your chest, move it towards your left shoulder, roll the head back and then again roll it back towards the left shoulder. Do the five rotations in slow motion and then repeat the same sequence towards the right side. If you have any problem on the neck, don’t drop the head back instead move the chin towards the left and back and then right side and back.

Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Take a Downward facing dog pose and slowly pedal your knees. It is one of the best poses that have ample of benefits. It will lengthen the calves and hamstrings.


To begin working on the abdominals and re- strengthen your back post pregnancy, modify he forearm plank. In case your back sweeps down, bring the knees down to give a support to your spine. This means that your abdominals are not strong enough and you need more practice. To start with hold yourself in this pose for five breaths and then slowly towards the longer holds. It signifies that your abdominals are not strong enough but they will become strong as you practice more.

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Then there are other poses like Marichyasana, Utkatasana, Balasana, Triangle pose etc. All these poses bring out the best in you and you will feel again great about yourself. Just do it!

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