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How Meditation Can Keep You Happy and Cheerful At Work

We often feel tired and stressed out at work, often looking at the watch, Oh my Gosh still two hours left for the lunch time! This can deter us from performing our best, but we overcome it by doing meditation for few minutes just before going to the office and feel fresh again.


Meditation gives us a great start

Only a few minutes of meditation every day can make a lot of difference in life. We would feel extremely fresh and active as if this day is now ours. It helps us to retain our focus, and shape our experiences and reactions. It reminds us that we are in control of our lives but not otherwise.

It builds in Positive attitude

Meditation generates positive feeling and energy and we become more optimistic, gain self-confidence and highly motivated. We also feel more loved and energized which helps us in bringing more positive changes in our life.

It reduces anxiety

With few minutes of meditation we release all the negative thoughts, reduce stress and gain positive energy. We also feel much relaxed. Deep breaths can also help us to calm ourselves and reduce anxious nerves.

Develops deeper connection

Meditation also helps us to develop the deeper connection with ourselves. We learn to listen to our inner voice that helps us more about understanding ourselves. The inner voice gives us the true vision of who we are and what we want which allows us to move on that path.

Makes our memory sharp

Meditation helps in sharpen our memory. This is imperative in the world of today where our attention span is getting shorter with the time as more we are involving in the electronic gadgets.

Flow in creativity

Meditation releases the stress and awakens the creative part of our brain and helps you to generate creative ideas which definitely improve your productivity.

Immunity Booster

Meditation gives boost to the immune system which helps in retaining health and doubles our chance of staying well.

Meditation boosts many of the chemical reactions in brain

We have approximately 86 billion brain cells with most of them are influenced by serotonin which is known by scientists as the “happy neurotransmitter”. The neurotransmitter helps in relaying signals from one part of the brain to another which has a deepening effect on our mood impacting on our overall state of well-being. Studies have found that with meditation serotonin levels in the brain are doubled and bath neurons with ample of feel-good chemicals, and melts away the stress that causes low serotonin levels and depression. Overall the meditation serotonin generates Utopian chemical for the production of new brain cells which make us happy and healthier person.

Try out for yourself by taking up one week of meditation challenge, only for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the night. Believe me, these twenty minutes would change your life for the better and the happiness that you would feel in the workplace you might not have felt before in life.

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