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What Makes a Good Yoga Teacher?

A quality of a teacher is what makes him stand apart and the same is true with the yoga teacher. A yoga teacher who have the qualities in him to attract, make his students follow his words and grasp his thoughts. Even though a teacher has a good expertise and precision in asanas but if he cannot demonstrate the same perfectly well, it would still become a run of the mill class for him. Nonetheless the students’ reaction after the class displays whether the class has been successful or not.

yoga teacher rishikesh

Here are certain qualities that a Great Yoga Teacher should posses

Unique Personality

A personality of the yoga teacher is unique. He shows calmness, enthusiasm, focused and centered. A teacher should come thirty minutes before the class starts, meditate for few minutes, get focused and calmed. At the beginning of the class, he should address the students with some anecdote or some quote and that comes through the clearness in tone and thought.


A Good teacher would always look into the students needs and if though preplanned curriculum he has the capability to make on the spot adjustments and modifications in the asanas. Some days students might be requiring more inward and relaxing class while on the other hand sweating. Or someone might have the needs for the postures to meet the particular areas of their body or state of mind.

Have Clear and calming Voice

A good yoga teacher posses clear, well articulated and calm voice. The diction should be clear and language simple. Many students join yoga school to feel relaxed after their hard day work. A charming voice can add to the soothing environment, inspire students and brings energy in the class. Especially in Savasana, it is seen that students shows their ability to relax which is often inspired by the tone of the voice of a teacher.

Maintain the perfect pace of the class

The pace of the class should be maintained perfectly. It needs to be modified for the group being taught. If the pace of the class is slow, students might asleep, and if it is fast, they can go deep into their asana. Specially a particular kind of stillness is also needed as per the ability of each student after each asana, which allows for a body to take a back seat towards awareness. It is also very important for the teacher to understand the pulse of the class and then take the class in that flow.

Helping students to adjust

Even the smallest adjustments in the asana can make a huge difference. Just because a student is carrying on well in a posture does not mean he or she will not be benefited from your help. Even the flexible students have the opportunity to get deeper experiences. Observe the students bodily moments, motivate them to open up and relive tension.

You should come early and stay late

As a teacher coming early to class and staying back late shows your dedication and discipline. By coming early in the class, you can have a bit of conversation with your students to understand their special needs. Besides, a friendly greeting can bring the energy back. After the class by staying back you can take a feedback from the students and address the problems with your students more deeply. Also you can relax to get ready for the next session.
To take yoga class is no doubt demands energy, focus and great intuitive power and insight into the class that you should master. The main aim of yoga is having students deepen their practice and create a union with their higher self. No matter how well you teach but in the end it is by going inwards and making students life changed for the better is what that makes you a great teacher.

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