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What You Need to Know About 108 Sun Salutations

These 108 Sun Salutations are sequences of yoga poses knitted together and done in sequence. Also known as Surya Namaskar, these are traditionally practiced early morning as a salutation to the Sun to get energized for the day. These are generally Vinyasa style yoga which means linking breath to your moments that flows in rhythm. The Sun Salutations are quite challenging poses and are also excellent cardiovascular workouts, yet there is lot more meaning hidden these surface level workouts, so let us all dive into it.

yoga sun salutation

The number 108 is very sacred especially among Hindus and has its own importance and appears in many disciplines including astronomy, yoga and religion. 108 in Sun Salutations mean you are giving your body energy and making it pious. It can be practiced anytime and in any frequency. Traditionally it was practiced to represent the change of the seasons and some even do it to welcome the New Year. But it should be done every day for remaining healthy and energetic whole day.

Sun Salutation is important as the internal heat which is generated during the practice performs the cleansing, detoxifies your body and helps in bringing you more close to yourself. It builds the prana, means activate energy, ease your body and gives you a sense of flow. You would find yourself surrendered to the process, acknowledge what arises emotionally and then release it, and when you have finished doing it, you would feel lighter.

Here are few things that you would be learning while practicing 108 Sun Salutations

You would be emotionally and physically stronger

108 is definitely too much, initially we might not be able to reach this number but irrespective of these enormous numbers, when you start this Sun Salutation, slowly you would be surprised with the energy and strength you have gained.

Gain the positivity and Shed negative energy

Sun Salutations helps you release the negativity and help you take up the positivity. It lets go all the negative feelings that no longer serve you and you would always feel calm and poised, and get the power to release anything.

You will always feel Peace with yourself

By practicing Mantra, you would always feel yourself at peace, and see many changes in your mood and perspective. Your personality and outlook towards life are changed for the better.

Discover The Inner Drive

You would discover yourself and would feel emotions and sensations. You would learn to flow and see and feel for yourself how your dedicated efforts have nourished your personality and build your confidence. Throughout the Sun Salutations, you would witness the energy and that drive that is pushing you to go deep in each pose.

Tips for practicing 108 Sun Salutations

• Listen to your body and modify the poses as the way you feel comfortable. As for instance, you can get your knees on the mat for Chaturanga. You can also try for Baby Cobra instead of Upward Facing Dog.

• While doing the poses, continue with your deep and conscious breathing and do not hesitate to stop for rest, Find a place where there is no distraction and no phone calls or any other devices. Sun Salutations will be effective when there is a peace around.

• Remember do not go for 108 in the beginning; go slow though 108 should be a goal. Whether you are ending up with 34, 93 or any other number, it is your intention that matters,

Doing these 108 Sun Salutations would definitely take the bit of your time, at least two hours but it is worth every minute, and there are no words to describe the great feeling you would get afterward.

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