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Why Practicing Yoga in the Morning is Best?

We are the product of circumstances being forced to do what we do not want to do; this is either due to circumstances or by virtue of our own habits. But the one routinely affair is in our hands and that’s Yoga. It is one thing which no one can dictate, and by adopting it and doing it, we defy all our vices and come out of the hindering circumstances to gain healthy body, mind and soul.

Students enjoying yoga on beach

Yoga can be done anytime, but our traditional yoga masters suggest 4 am to 6 am as the best time to do yoga. This is a time when the world is still and your mind is at rest. In these wee hours there is freshness in the air, and if you have a lawn in your house or a garden near you, come out of your rooms, and spread your mat in your lawn. Feel the sun rays as it spread its spectacles around the trees and bushes, flourishing, flowers swing to full bloom and birds sings. It will be like flowing in heavenly grace with only beauty and peace in the surroundings.

Here are the reasons why you should get on the mat so early in the morning?

Your mind would be more at rest

Morning hours bring more grace to the body, as we focus more on breath and movement. It generates the feeling of peace, energy, and gratitude that would remain with us the entire day. We would remain more aware, calm and focused. Surya Namaskar to the rising sun, meditation, and overall intention setting can carry us through the stressful situations. Even the minor details are pointed. And the health benefits are doubled.

Increases the metabolism

By practicing yoga early in the morning, the metabolism rate and digestive system are built up. Nutrients are easily absorbed in the body causing carbohydrates and fats to melt faster. Twists wring out the digestive system and invigorate our organs. The first thing we can do is awaken our bellies and ease our pains and aches.

Prevents injury and aches through the body

Yoga stretches and lengthens the tight bodies and prepares us for the moment whole day. It is also best for all those who have to sit at desk whole day. It also increases flexibility and encourages better posture. When we bring our body in the pose in morning, we give pace to our body and memory and life as the day progress. Moreover, we tend to make healthier food choices and show more awareness and kindness towards others.

Helps retain a Healthy Routine

Studies have shown that 90 percent of all those who exercise daily, set up their daily routine and stick to it. Else in our daily lives, it is not easy to keep up with the routine practice. Early practice gives ample of relief and the feeling of self-empowerment and mental strength that gives us the energy to face any problem in life.

Morning yoga regulates sleep rhythm

By doing early morning yoga, we are accustomed to getting up at the same time each day. This ensures we wake up feeling much more energized and healthy. Meditation, breathing, and asana also create direct impact in the endocrine system which is responsible for body maintenance. The endocrine system generates hormones and glands that help can us keep balanced. Some of the poses also give boost to the pineal glands which excretes the melatonin hormone which regulates sleep pattern. As the sleep cycles are regulated, the feeling of confusion starts disappearing.

Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time, as yoga in fact gives more time to perform our tasks and achieve success in life. Gear your day with a yoga practice each morning and see the difference it would make in your life. After all, it is your life as how you would like to make it.

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