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Are You Prepared to Get On In Yoga Teachers Training Program

Right through your decision to start yoga practice to finally joining the yoga training program, maybe you are in a fix or merely feeling thrilled or equally terrified, scurrying through mixed emotions. The world of yoga conjures you for patiently accepting these emotions and moving forward. Your decision to teach reflects your intensity and love for yoga and your intention to share your knowledge with others. But are you ready to go extra mile for getting yoga teachers training?

yoga teacher training nepal

Here are the Five Good reasons that tell you are ready for Yoga Teachers Training Program.

Your 60 minutes class is just not enough: You are enjoying the yoga poses in your 60 minutes class duration, but suddenly you find it is just not enough and you yearn to go deeper. You have been reading about Yamas and Niyamas and you want to know more about it but the current session is just not enough. Or you may be ready to start the home practice if the desire of earning or learning more becomes deeper, that means it’s time for you to pack your bags and go in for Yoga Teachers Training program.

You wanted to spend few hours in calmness and peace: In the varied life tantrums, a person hardly gets time for oneself. And, maybe you are going for that one-hour yoga session or not, now you felt you need few days only for yourself, without any interference from the outer world. This realization motivates you to move across the shadowy walls of the four corners of your life into the openness where there are freedom, freshness, and calmness.

You have realized you are passionate about teaching: After practicing for quite some time, now you understand and feel more about yoga. You are loving it and recognizing its benefits and now are eager to share the knowledge with anyone around you. Often you also find yourself narrating different benefits of yoga to your friends and family, even during the party time or relaxing hours. It is the only field that has brought happiness in your life and you are desperate to remain on this path and learn more and share.

You have been waiting for the Appropriate time: It is clearly written in Sutras 1.1, “Yoga begins now”, and there is no better time to begin a yoga teacher training than when it is right for you. So if you have decided that you want to learn more and get into the yoga teachers training, start your search now. The simple realization that you want to learn yoga is enough for you to get into the yoga class but the condition is you have to check your health as per the yoga requirements. Before joining any class, you should discuss your health problems if any with the yoga instructor and he will suggest you what is best for you.

You are bored with your eight hours job:
You have now realized that your eight hours job has become quite boring for you; and if you can earn substantial income teaching yoga than the investment on yoga teachers training program is quite worthwhile. Secondly, you love mixing with people, have an outgoing personality and want more enjoyable and cheerful life, this all you feel you will get in yoga teaching.

After all, it is your satisfaction and happiness that counts if you have realized yoga is going to give you happiness, your journey for yoga teachers training can start now.

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