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Few Reasons to Ponder Why Should You Do Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga transfers you in an alternate reality of self-possessed bliss with a feeling of “back home to your soul”, from the unnecessary wanderings. Constituting of eight-limbed paths, these Patanjali’s prescribed poses takes you into the constant flow of moment and breaths for detoxification and energizing. There is also a commitment to move on a path of enlightenment and to possess and cherish human values and virtues.

• You will become more humble.
• You will start loving others and love yourself by following Yama and Niyama which are the first and second limb of yoga.
• It purifies the air that breathes in through nostrils; raise the metabolic fire that builds emotional strength.
• You will be more focused with increase in concentration level.
• It reduces muscle fatigue and helps you keep flowing.

Still uncertain, here are the reasons why you should flow in Ashtanga and love doing it.

ashtanga yoga

Gain physical, emotional and mental Strength

The practice makes you mentally and physically strong. It builds muscular strength, increases flexibility and brings balance to your body and life.

You will learn to release your inhibitions

By regular practice, you will realize that you have released your mind from fear, ego, negative thoughts, judgments, and resistance. You will feel you are just letting yourself flow in poses as free as bird.

You start living each moment of your life

Ashtanga makes you grateful, gifted, alive, strong, and humble. It shows you how to live each moment of life and make you aware of how you treat yourself. It helps you appreciate whatever you have. It reminds you nothing is permanent, good and bad phases of life come and go, but it depends on how you make use of it.

Builds Cardiovascular fitness

The regular vinyasa yoga poses in between Ashtanga keep your heart rate pumping throughout the practice so that you are not only getting strength and flexibility but also working on your cardiovascular system.

Helps in Weight Loss

Regular practice of Ashtanga reduces weight. Around 45 minutes of Yoga can burn about 360 calories of fat every day, and in one year it would amount to 131, 400 calories each day.

Reduces Blood Pressure

In Ujjayi you breathe through your nose, as you breathe in and breathe out there is a contraction of the glottis towards the back of the throat which makes the sound of the ocean. This results in long, deep and calm breaths which improve the blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.

Though most physically challenging yet you would start loving doing these poses. Moreover, it is one of the best cleansing and healing practices’ and teaches you a lot about yourself, the only requirement is dedication, patience and hard work on your side, rest follows automatically.

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