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How to Reduce your Head pain With Yoga?

Each one of us at one or the other phase of life has to bear the pain on our head or neck that we call as a headache which can even become severe sometimes.  Symptoms of a headache depend on its cause and intensity. Whether from stress, tension, hangover, or migraine attack, if you feel pain on the head, the only thing that you want to do is, get rid of it by all means, whether by taking pills or merely rest. Pills can give you instant relief; however, there are other alternative treatments too like natural remedies and best of all Yoga which can give you permanent relief.

Yoga is a stress buster and doing it regularly can give you enough reason to release the pain from your head and body. Some of the asanas are specially designed to get a relief from a headache. These asanas stretch and open the neck, shoulders or back and help in circulating the blood on the head. When you are doing these asanas, remember to take deep breaths that start from your diaphragm and fill in your lungs.

How to Reduce your Head pain With Yoga?

If you practice these five best yoga poses, you are sure to get rid of a headache:

Standing forward pose: It is an easy form. Keep your feet and hip wide apart and bend forward by hanging your head towards the ground. Next grab the opposite elbows, hang like a doll and take ten deep breaths. This pose if done regularly, you will never get a headache ever again.

Stretching of the neck:  Sit comfortably; keep your spine straight and neck lengthened. Then keep your left hand towards the right side of your head and gently tilt your head towards left. Remain in this pose for few breaths and then slowly switch towards the other side. Repeat it few times and you will soon feel the intensity of a headache is reduced.

Take a Cat/Cow position: Bend on all fours like a cat/cow with your hands below your shoulders and knees below hips. While inhaling, look up and arch spine, then roll your shoulders away from ears for cow pose. And as you exhale, raise your spine by pressing the floor with your hands and knees. Do this yoga exercise for five breath cycles.

Child Pose:  Kneel down with your knees wide apart and stretch your hands forward. Keep your arms long in front of you with your forehead rested on the ground. Take ten or more deep breaths while remaining on this pose.

Reverse Prayer: Sit in a comfortable position, and keep your arms relaxed towards either side of the body. Bend your elbow and try to reach your palms behind you. Press both the palms together in a Namaskar position with fingertips pointing towards the ceiling and try to have your hands reach as high as your spine. Take ten deep breaths.

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Though there are much more poses, but the above mentioned five are the highly proven and effective poses. If they are done regularly, you will never have to face a headache again.

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