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How To Reduce Weight With Yoga?

Among all the other exercises regime sticking to the yoga means you are gradually reducing the weight and never again getting the same fat again. And believe, while doing yoga, you will always feel fresh and energetic, unlike other workouts.

Though there are many asanas to get the desired weight, but below mentioned are considered as the best.

Warrior Pose or Veerabhadrasana:

The warrior pose makes the thighs, hamstrings, legs and ankles strong. As the body is bent forward the weight of the body is passed on to the thighs. The pose also helps to energize the abdominal organs which can build your stamina and help you keep going over a much longer period of time.

How To Do It?

• Start with the Mountain Pose. Keep your feet at a hip distance to each other and arms towards your side. Focus your mind at the present moment. Take deep breaths and turn towards left.
• Exhale and keep your feet at a distance of 4 to 5 feet
• Turn your right foot at 90 degrees so that toes are pointed towards the top of the mat.
• Twist your left foot inwards at 45 degrees.
• Keep both the foot aligned to each other and pelvis turned towards the front of the mat.
• Bring your weight to the left heel, exhale and bend your right knee over your right ankle with your shin perpendicular to the floor.
• Lift your arms up through your chest, and lengthen your waist. You can either keep your arms parallel or press them together.
• Tilt your head back slightly and look at the thumbs.
• Remain in this pose for few minutes.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana:

It is heart opening pose that works on the chest and the back portion of the body. While you are doing this pose you are taking deep breaths that can cause more blood to be pumped in the different parts of the body. Gradually increase the number of rounds.

cobra pose

How To Do It?

Lie prone on the floor by bringing the hands below the shoulders. Stretch your legs back and place the top of the feet on the floor.

• Keep the feet and thighs and pubis firmly on the floor.
• Inhale, straighten your arms and lift your chest up from the floor taking your body only at a height where you can maintain your connection through pubis to your legs.
• Do not try to push yourself away from the floor, but allow your lift to happen naturally.
• Keep your arms straighten as much as your body permits, and do not strain or overstretch yourself.

Remain in this pose for 30 seconds.

Bow Pose or Dhanurasana:

It is considered as an advanced yoga pose. By regularly doing this pose, you burn the fat and tone the arms and legs. By taking this pose you can feel the stretch in the abdominal region. The stretch also helps you to lose the fat in the region.


How to Do it?

• Lie down flat on your stomach while placing your chin on the mat and hands rested by your sides.
• Exhale and bend your knees. Get your heels near your buttocks and hips distance apart.
• Take your both the hands back and hold tightly your outer ankles.
• Inhale, lift your heels up towards the ceiling, and bring your thigh up and off from the mat.
• Your chest, head, and upper torso will also be lifted off from the mat.
• Bring your tailbone towards the floor and simultaneously lift your thighs and heels higher.
• Lift your chest up and your shoulder blades firmly into the upper back.
• Look towards the front and breathe.
• Remain in this pose for 30 seconds.

These three are the top, most effective and easy to do poses. You do not need to do anything but to get on the mat and get into these poses as per the time suggested. If you do these poses every day you are sure to get the desired body weight loss. But with yoga, it is equally important to bring changes in lifestyle and food habits. A good and balanced diet with yoga will work wonders on your body.

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