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Shakti Mudra for Sound Sleep and Relaxation

Shakti Mudra for Sleep is a hand gesture if performed regularly gives maximum mental and physical advantages. The term Shakti means empowerment or power and Mudra means expression through the means of fingers with both hands. It is best for triggering sound relaxation and sleep and also helps those who are suffering from insomnia by putting a fight on psychological stress and in relaxation to the body.


How To Do This Mudra

To do this mudra, join the two little fingers and ring fingers of both the hands. Try to fold the middle and index fingers over the thumb and bend it by moving it towards the palms. Try to concentrate and focus on the process of breathing towards the pelvic area while the exhalation should be lagged. If your sleeping problem is severe keep on exercising it continuously till you obtain the result. This mudra accelerates the respiratory impulse towards the chest area, gives a calming and soothing effect and ensures sound sleep and relaxation to the people.

It can be very easily done, flexible and can be practiced anywhere while sitting, listening to the music or watching television.

To perform it, sit calmly down, close your eyes for around ten to 12 minutes and slowly you will feel your mental and physical tension going away. Once you have completed the mudra, just lie down. It is highly advised to perform this mudra before going to bed or in a peaceful environment.

What Are Advantages of Shakti Mudra

• Shakti Mudra helps in providing relaxation to the body.
• It improves sleep and helps to prevent sleeping disorder.
• Helps to build the mental and physical energy.
• Provide calmness to the mind and nervous system.
• Develops relaxation in the pelvic area.
• Helps in the prevention of the menstrual disorder in the female body.

What are the side effects?

Mudra gives immense benefits, but the practitioner should also take care as it comes with many side effects also if it is not practiced properly. If it is practiced for a longer duration, it might cause lethargic tendencies.

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