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Few Simple Yoga Mudras to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the dangerous health disorder’s which is affecting the people all over the world. With high blood pressure blood circulates through vessels at more than normal pressure, which can cause heart problems. But with Yoga and Mudras controlling the blood pressure becomes very easy. Some of very easy to do Mudras can put a control on it.

Vaata Kaarak Mudra or Vaayan Mudra

Sit comfortably, and join the tips of the index finger, middle finger and thumb finger to create Vata-Kaarak Mudra.
Vatta humor controls the nervous system and bodily moments and with the simple practice of Vata Kaarak you can build Vata humor that can empower your nervous system. Only forty minutes of this practice ensures ample benefits. For a Vata person doing this mudra in moderation is best.

Aakash mudra

Aakash Mudra helps you to maintain collective consciousness and is also known as mudra for enlightenment.
To perform this mudra, join the tip of the middle finger with the tip of the thumb finger. Aakash mudra builds the space in the body which gives beneficial effects to the health and for spiritual enlightenment. With the practice of the mudra person (Atman) is united with the divinity replacing emotions like anger, sorrow, and fear with the positive emotions and thoughts. The process builds the internal space by removing the metabolic wastes and detoxifies the body ultimately reducing the blood pressure.


30 minutes of its practice is enough to get better results.

Apan Vayu Mudra

Apan Vayu Mudra is one of the important mudras in the healing process and is also known as Mritasanjeevani mudra. It is said that this mudra can also help person seize himself away from the clutches of death, and is best for the person who is suffering from angina or heart attack. This mudra builds the Prithvi element and reduces Vayu and Agni.


Bend the thumb finger, middle finger and ring finger to touch the thumb finger, and place the tip of the index finger over the base of the thumb finger. This mudra builds the earth element and decreases the fire and air at a time and is also helpful to remove blockages and obstructions and detoxifications of the body.

Perform this mudra for forty-five minutes every day to get the best results. You can also do it anytime and at any place but if it is done early morning or while you are in meditation, it will give more benefits.

Pran Mudra

Pran Mudra is very beneficial for increasing the pranic energy and building the immunity and vitality. This practice increases the level of immunity and vitality and builds earth element, water element, Kapha, fire and pitta humor. To do this mudra join the tips of the ring finger, little finger, and thumb finger and remain in this state for few minutes. It is best to do this mudra with both the hands.


Pran mudra builds the Prithvi element and Jal element which helps in improving the strength, vitality, and immunity. It also decreases Pitta humor which has a direct impact on the body temperature.

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