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You Are Trained What You Have Desired– Its a Fair Warning about Yoga Teacher Training

Yes, it happens, when we carve our novice through Yoga Teacher Training, we are filled with many desires, mix emotions with some unknown feelings, anxiety, enthusiasm and passion. But these feelings are an unending cycle, and as we get into yoga these emotions are doubled and change the way we perceive the things around and move in the world.

yoga course in shaktiyogapeeth

We love our yoga studio, teachers and yoga friends, but in between, we are curious to learn more, and from this curiosity come the word Yoga Teacher Training program as once we are done with the one program, we love to go for the other, and this goes on and on.

So what we get in Yoga Teacher Training:

We speak through our inner voice

During the initial sessions, we might feel odd to hear our inner voice; sometimes this voice could be stronger and sometimes soft and good. And that is all perfectly fine. And when we are asked to bring out our inner voice in front of a mike, we might get a feeling of uneasiness and overbearing fear, but this opportunity is a great way to voice our feeling and display your emotions. As we progress in the program, we can develop our own personality and learn to appreciate our emotions.

Your 200-hour Teacher Training Program is only a Beginning and Not an end

There might be many unnerve elements that might be haunting you in 200-hour teacher training course, as practice for you seems to be overburdened intrusions. Books lying scattered here and there, and it seems practice to me becomes tiring, too much for me to learn and Sanskrit Mantras becomes more unnerving. But any teacher would tell you that 200-hour teacher training course is just a beginning of a learning process, as there is a long way to go for you. It is like taking the first step in yoga learning. If you make yourself connected towards it, you will go deep into it, keep on asking questions and be a forever student.

You will change your priorities

With yoga, your priorities in life will be automatically changed. Just beyond the class, your personal practice will become a necessity. You will feel changes in eating habits, your drinking and partying will become frequently less, and instead you would love to work hard, help others, and start praying. The life would automatically shift from your materialistic mourning towards more fulfilling and spiritual life.

You will break the walls of fear

With Yoga training, you will see your confidence level doubled and increase in a positive attitude towards life. Avail of an opportunity and allow it to flow in a loving environment. When an opportunity comes, you will yourself feel you are able to speak in front of hundreds of people. This is a power of yoga in which you have basked yourself and it is time to only look forward in life.

The above points are really the fair warning of how you acquire the wonderful audacities in yourself and which you would love to adore all your life. This is a power of getting Yoga Teacher Training.

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