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Vipassana Meditation – What, How to Practice and Techniques

Vipassana is one of the oldest meditation technique’s which was rediscovered by Mahatma Buddha 2500 years ago, which gave thousands of people freedom from their sufferings. Except in Burma, the practice was virtually dropped in India, but it was again revived by S.N. Goenka in 1969 and since then it became a popular form of meditation not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

It takes you through the self-exploratory journey of transformation developing the connection between the mind and body. This connection brings the mind into focus and removes it from impurities cultivating love and compassion in the soul. Through this form of meditation, life becomes the personification of awareness, non-delusion, self-control, and peace.

vipassana meditation

How to Practice:

Vipassana is taught in the duration of ten days requiring strict discipline, hard work and strict code of conduct. The training takes place in three steps, the first step requires participants to abstain from any killing, stealing, involving in sexual activity and intoxicants. This simple training process aims to calm the mind which is otherwise keeps on wandering. The next step lies in mastering the mind by learning to focus the attention on the flow of breath through the nostrils. In the last step, the mind gets calmer, focused and more concentrated to practice Vipassana.

It observes sensation, understand the nature and develop equanimity. All over, the training makes the participants calmer, makes the heart pure and develops goodwill for all.

The complete practice involves training of the mind. Just like we do exercises to bring improvement in our overall health, it can be used to develop a healthy mind. The emphasis lies in preserving the technique in its authentic and pure form and offered freely.


Vipassana Meditation should be done in a peaceful and quiet environment. Mahatma Buddha suggests either a forest or an under the tree is the best place for meditation. But today you can opt for any secluded place, which takes you away from the maddening crowd.

How to Do Vipassana Meditation Technique

Sit quietly with your legs crossed or if you find difficulty in sitting, sit with a back erect and at a right angle to the ground, but not so stiff. By remaining upright without any additional support builds energy during the meditation practice.

Once seated close, close your eyes and bring all your attention towards your belly, at the abdomen level, breathe normally.

Bring your awareness to the breathing process, breathe in and as when the abdomen rises and breathe out when the abdomen falls.

Keep your attention towards the breathing, making sure that your mind is attentive and aware of all the sensations happening in the body.

Bring your mind through the middle and towards the end of the rising. Then concentrate on the sensation of the falling moment of the abdomen. You can retain the awareness with precision and by making a soft note in your awareness by reciting silently, rising, rising, falling, falling…”

If you hear any sound, during meditation bring your attention towards that sound as it arises. Listen to the sound as it comes as a direct experience, and recognize it with the soft note, “hearing, hearing” in your mind. As soon the sound fades, bring your mind back to the rising and falling position. This is a basic principle that needs to be followed. Be very observant and careful.

The complete meditation process is for one hour but can be carried throughout the day. And when you get up from meditation, note each moment very carefully begin by bringing your intention towards your eyes as you open them. Experience the event of intending, feel the sensation and continue to note precisely and carefully. Note the whole process thoroughly till you get up and begin your walk.

Through this Vipassana meditation, we get a deep and clear awareness of our mind and body which shows us the truth about our life and the nature of the mental and physical process.

Got from our ancestors, Vipassana meditation entrenches us with the soulful mind and body, we are awakened towards our body and our mental power, and we become then a human with a noble soul.

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