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Should women do yoga during Menstruation?

Women generally do not get on the mat during their menstruation days, for the fear of complication and/or due to pain, changes in mood, low energy, and stamina. And even yoga teacher discourage getting on the mat for inversions and taking rapid and hurried poses as it causes energy to move downwards, in a   wrong direction; and secondly, this is a time when you should be taking rest, retain calm and poise. But there are some good yoga poses which can be easily done during those days and would also be of great help to you.  These asanas restore your energy back and provide quick relief from cramps and bloating.

Doing yoga also depends on how women feel and experience their period days. For some periods might not be a big deal, as they can easily cope with the issue and float in yoga poses but others might face cramps and serious periods wherein they could remain confined to bed for at least two days. So there is no fixed rule or prescription for yoga during menstruation. If you feel like doing it do, but if you feel lousy skip it, just do what your body permits.

It is better to change your yoga style, do Yin or Restorative practice. Even Yoga Nidra is best, it treats menstrual disorders and improves gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and pain symptoms. Always remember whenever you do yoga pose do not push or strain yourself. Instead, do some gentle poses, by holding them for the little longer, and try to be more grounded. Some preparatory movements like pawanmuktasana and Surya Namaskar, are best, but take care to do Surya Namaskar very gently. Another is Chandra Namaskar which is more calming and gives a soothing effect.

You can also do Gentle forward bends which soothe and energizes the abdominal and pelvic region, and give relief from cramps, congestion, heaviness and heavy bleeding. Some of the forward bends are Paschimottanasan (Forward Bend), Ardha pascimottanasan (Half forward bend),  Shashankasan (Hare/Moon Pose) and Janu Bhalasan (Standing forward bend etc. And some of the backbends can also be very useful but they should be done very gently. You can do Supta Titaliasana (Sleeping Butterfly) with the support of bolsters or Supta Vajrasan (Sleeping Thunderbolt). The Vajrasana pose releases tension from tension from the back and removes pelvic congestion.

Besides Pranayama is also very beneficial during menstruation as it helps to retain the emotions and calms the mind. It also helps to deal with the pain. While doing Pranayama remember not to strain yourself while doing deep breathing and avoid kumbakh or bandhas and fast breathing. The fast breathing increases the heat which might cause heavy bleeding.

You can also sit for meditation, especially for OM chanting. You will soon feel your mind is settled and you have attained calmness and peace. Chanting of personal mantra or mahamrityunjaya gives double the benefit. Some of the cleansing practices can also be done like Jal neti and Danda neti but you should avoid doing Kapalbhati, Vaman, Lagoo Shankarprakshalan and Poorna Shankarprakshalan.

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So it is a misconception that yoga should not be done during menstruation, you change the yoga poses; it would, in fact, help you cope with the menstrual problems. Whether males, or females, young or old. Incorporate yoga into your daily life and see the difference it has made. You would feel refreshed and energized but if you have the serious problem it is always advised to consult the doctor and your yoga instructor before starting your practice.

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