Terms & Conditions

Yoga is to discipline the body and mind and to adopt the true values of life. These terms and conditions are a step to instill these values in the students and ensure they abide by the same.

  • Consumption of any drink or item which is harmful to our body and mind and deprives us of values is strictly prohibited. These include Alcohol, tobacco, smoking and other drugs.
  • No student can invite his/her friend or relative to stay with them without prior permission.
  • All students are required to be regular and punctual in their classes, which is an essence of a disciplined life.
  • Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited during the course. Students are motivated to have healthy and nutritious vegetarian body which would be guided to them side by side as per their body constitution and for detoxification.
  • Karma Yoga will be practiced once a week for two hours.
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones, cameras, and any recording equipment in the class.
  • 200 dollars amount should be paid in advance to confirm the booking while remaining school fees should be paid on the day of admission.
  • Students should understand that the training program will show varied results for each person. Progress depends on the efforts of the students within the class and outside and at the discrete of the instructor.
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