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What You Need to Know About 108 Sun Salutations

These 108 Sun Salutations are sequences of yoga poses knitted together and done in sequence. Also known as Surya Namaskar, these are traditionally practiced early morning as a salutation to the Sun to get energized for the day. These are generally Vinyasa style yoga which means linking breath to your moments that flows in rhythm. The Sun Salutations are quite challenging poses and are also excellent cardiovascular workouts, yet there is lot more meaning hidden these surface level workouts, so let us all dive into it.

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Why Practicing Yoga in the Morning is Best?

We are the product of circumstances being forced to do what we do not want to do; this is either due to circumstances or by virtue of our own habits. But the one routinely affair is in our hands and that’s Yoga. It is one thing which no one can dictate, and by adopting it and doing it, we defy all our vices and come out of the hindering circumstances to gain healthy body, mind and soul.

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Know About Best Ten Yoga Books to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Yoga learning is a never ending process, the more you ingrain yourself in yoga there would be lot more for you to explore and learn. Yoga teacher training programs give in-depth practice and training in yoga which is enough to become a yoga teacher but for those who’s craving for learning never ends must have their library stocked with good yoga books.

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yoga anatomy

Is the Study of Anatomy Make Yoga Safer?

We often hear yogis complaining of injuries after their yoga sessions. There could be many reasons but the basic cause is the lack of knowledge of anatomy among the trainers, and this is not a healthy trend. Though there are some who does not think the study of anatomy is necessary yet it is one of the main subjects in yoga teacher training program. Experts opine that you need not have a deeper understanding of the anatomical science but you should have the basic understanding of the muscles, joints, and bones. This understanding helps him to better fulfill the needs of the students and prevent their back pain.

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types and benefits of yoga mudra

Types and Benefits of Yoga Mudra

Our body is a mini world made of five elements, Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Bhoomi and Jala and when there is disturbance body suffers from diseases and imbalanced mind. While the balance is restored with the physical postures specially drawn to bring awareness to the body and mind, there is more to yoga that can meet the eye. The twist is it is more fragile and independent branch of yoga known as Tatva Mudra Vigyan Yoga Mudras.

There are many types of Mudras. Shiva Samhita refers in detail about ten Mudras in one hundred shaloks, while Geranda Samhita refers about twenty-five mudras. From the studies, we come to know that conventional Hatha Yoga Mudras, Asanas, Pranayama, and Pratyahara are used in Laya Yoga Kriyas, besides there are many mudras that are suggested for Dharana and Dhyana. (source: The science of yoga mudras, by k. Rangaraja iyengar , prof. G.s).

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Know About Chakras- The Seven Centers of Consciousness

There are 114 Chakras in our body but there seven principle chakras which are the center of our consciousness manifested in our behavioral patterns and shape the way we perceive reality. These chakras have several dimensions one is the physical existence, while others have spiritual dimensions. These chakras are the different tenacities of our self which are aroused to take us to the higher state of consciousness. Like a Lotus flower bloom in the muddy water to gain pristine in the light, in the same way, Chakras takes us from the realm of darkness and ignorance towards the state of enlightenment.

Body 7 chakras

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ashtanga yoga

Few Reasons to Ponder Why Should You Do Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga transfers you in an alternate reality of self-possessed bliss with a feeling of “back home to your soul”, from the unnecessary wanderings. Constituting of eight-limbed paths, these Patanjali’s prescribed poses takes you into the constant flow of moment and breaths for detoxification and energizing. There is also a commitment to move on a path of enlightenment and to possess and cherish human values and virtues.

• You will become more humble.
• You will start loving others and love yourself by following Yama and Niyama which are the first and second limb of yoga.
• It purifies the air that breathes in through nostrils; raise the metabolic fire that builds emotional strength.
• You will be more focused with increase in concentration level.
• It reduces muscle fatigue and helps you keep flowing.

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