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yoga TTC course confusions

“How long should I wait before going for my 300 Hour TTC?”, is one of the most common questions you will hear from a RYT 200. Unfortunately, there is no all encompassing answer to this question. Fortunately, there are some preliminary questions you can ask yourself that will help you with your decision.

What is your end goal?

Just like there is a broad array of reasons people practice yoga, there are various reasons why people attend training courses. Some want to strengthen their teaching methodology, while others just want to further develop their own personal practice. Regardless of your intentions, a honest answer to this question is a pivotal starting point for figuring out when to start your 300 hour TTC. A confident response to this question will position you appropriately for moving forward with your decision.

What is your level of experience?

Nothing can replace experience. Whether that experience is on the mat as a student or a teacher, all the theory in the world means nothing without practical application. Now, there is no specific amount of time as a practitioner that qualifies one to apply for a 300 Hour TTC. However, the more you have experienced practicing with intentionality, the more value you can add to your personal growth, and to the growth of your students. Can someone who can’t do a particular asana themselves teach that asana to others using theory? Sure. But, it is undeniable that someone who has experienced the journey to a final posture for themselves can share insights and a sense of appreciation that theory alone simply can’t provide.

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What are the pros and cons of starting now/later?

It may sound cliche but an old fashioned list of advantages and disadvantages can really aid in your decision making process. Writing down your ideas will help you sort through your thoughts, and make your options clearer. Important decisions demand sensibility, and a list of pros and cons is a valuable tool for the thorough exploration and consideration of conflicting ideas.

What’s the rush?

The fact of the matter is that yoga is a lifelong journey. Whether you’re a RYT 200 or a E-RYT 500, there isn’t enough time in one lifetime to learn all yoga has to offer. That is what’s beautiful about the journey – you can’t learn everything in one moment. Each day, you will experience new revelations, learn new lessons, and encounter new truths. Take your time, and enjoy the journey.

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